Rimworld mod load order tool

Nearly 7 years ago I backed an interesting looking colony sim called Rimworld. When I started playing a couple of months later I found it was… alright. Ugly, a bit clunky and prone to the same AI issues that most tycoon games run into. I let it be. But four years ago, I decided to dive into it again after coming across an old sendowl code in an abandoned hotmail inbox.

My most recent colony found that infestations and mechanoids are a terrible combination but xenomorphs and predators are much, much worse. They were coming out of the goddamn walls man! From full overhauls like Medieval Times to quality of life changes like Research Pal, mods are what makes Rimworld so full of potential.

First up, the big change in 1. Some of these mods require HugsLib which is a community code library and any mod that serves as groundwork HugsLib, JecsTools, Misc Core should be at the top of your load order but beneath Harmony and Core so dependent mods can read from it. Any mod that reads from other mods should go low on the load order to make sure they can get all the information they need. Hospitalityfor example, takes faction mods into account and should be low on the list to prevent clashes.

Of course, as of Rimworld 1. Prepare Carefully allows you to tweak everything about your colonists from their appearance to their names, stats, traits, and equipment before giving you a nicely laid out menu for you to pick your starting resources from. It removes the points limit the base game uses to ensure a fair loadout so have some sense in what you choose.

A dozen max level colonists armed to the teeth with laser weapons can be fun but it gets old fast. As an addendum to Prepare CarefullyReunion lets you create pawns that will be discovered through crashed drop pods, chased refugee, and other visitor joining events.

Perfect for including your extended friend group without having to wear yourself down with controlling a dozen or more pawns at the start. With Colony Manager you can take out the micromanagement of manually designating hunting and wood cutting jobs. All you need to do is designate how much wood and meat you want to have stored and your colonists will try to keep it as close to that as possible.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Download includes Windows executable. This Python script sorts your ModConfigs. This is also the only function of the script, it will do this one thing and nothing else. Managing mods un subscribing, mod load lists etc is beyond the scope of this script, there is a better ingame solution called "Mod Manager" by Fluffy.

The only thing it does, is optimizing the mod load order. For using the script you need an active internet connection which will connect to Github, where the current sort order database resides. Note that the switches which are named identical to the configuration options override these, so the priority order of options is: default settings - configuration file - command line arguments.

Priority of configurion source is as follows in descending priority, a higher priority overrides the lower ones:. There should be no interactions if not desired except writing ModsConfig. You need a Python 3. This script does not work with Python 2 or Python 3 distributions less then 3. After that you can start directly python. Default behaviour of RWMS is now that it will wait after a fatal error and after it is finished.

This may be changed through the configuration file, though. Many distributions still have Python 2 as system default and RWMS is a pure Python 3 script; I did not test it with Python 2 and it uses some more recent features of 3, so you have to check, if your default python version with.

Download the source distribution from the releases page and unzip it in a folder of your liking. Alternatively, you can also clone the repository. Just open the configuration in your favorite text editor NOT Microsoft Word and you can modify all paths there. Note: If you are using Steam regardless of operating system and you have RimWorld installed in the default library, you mostly don't need configure the directories.

Additional parameters control if you want to enable the update check, waiting for keypresses and optional automatic submitting unknown mods to the database issue tracker.References to "I" or "me" are because I, Trisscarthe author of this modlist, finally got off my ass and went in to add explanations and flesh out the guide, as before it was short and terse due to Discord's character limit.

Credit to Felinoel, Chevalier XLIV, and everyone else from Rim of Magic, Madness, LotR, and a few other servers who helped me figure out and post this entire mess of a guide, and the intricacies of modding with Rimworld in general, over the course of like Ya'll are awesome. If you have not done so recently, I highly recommend that if you use Steam to run Rimworld, that you go into your library, right click Rimworld, Properties, Local Files, Verify File Integrity or whatever it's called.

This makes sure everything downloaded properly and tends to solve a lot of issues pretty much instantly. And make a bunch of empty folders named the various categories in a flashy and attention grabbing manner. Unless stated otherwise, categories further down override categories further up. If a mod is adding both map gen AND pawns, it goes in Races; if it adds items but it's a faction mod, it goes in items; etc. Note that Vanilla Expanded is a set of mods that tend to follow their own rules to some degree, for instance Van.

Faction Exp. CE is a compatibility mess that can more than double your modlist based on patches for mods, and then patches for those patches, alone. It's a cool idea, I just wish it's execution was better. Or at least less destructive. If you want to use it cool, but I highly recommend building the rest of your modlist first and adding CE and it's patches at the end of the process.

Also note that people are starting to make mods that do things CE does, without the coding issues; you are not locked to CE just because you like a thing it does. I should note that CE itself is not overly to blame for the "patches for your patches" bit, as the first set of patches is usually done by other people who might not know exactly what they're doing. I'm still annoyed that CE overwrites vanilla bases to do what it does however.

rimworld mod load order tool

Try this if you use it and things are being silly. This is not a comprehensive list, they are simply the most repeated offenders to one degree or another. Vanilla Hair Expanded goes just above Races due to some weird mod interactions, otherwise you can get stuff like pink boxes instead of colonist heads occasionally.

They have some more troubleshooting stuff in their mod description, make sure to read it carefully. Something like "one does additive, one does multiplicative".Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. RimWorld Store Page. Global Achievements. I've modded games before but usually I've had a tool like LOOT to assist me in making sure all the dependencies were in their proper order. I haven't heard of anything like that for Rimworld as of yet but can't hurt to ask.

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rimworld mod load order tool

Virusboy View Profile View Posts. I dunno, but some mods do tell you a load order for them and their dependencies.

The game has its own load order settings so you can manually do it. Mostly mods conflict if they're doing the same thing. If you test some out and decide which one you like and stay with that one, you'll probably be OK adding in 10s of mods. Also, add the mods in slowly so you'll know what has created a conflict. Eg, there are several mods of chemfuel generators.

They usually don't conflict with each other because they are creating new objects.

Mod Order Guide

But if you get 2 mods that affect the vanilla chemfuel generator, then you may have some conflict, and have to choose 1 of those 2 mods. Originally posted by navorskatie :. Shodan View Profile View Posts. I just spent about 6 hours choosing mods to add. I've got maybe mods now. So I just try and select a couple, game breaks and crash right there.

I reload, no mods are selected, it didn't even save that change. Now I'm going through every single mods and re-reading about their dependencies. Then I search through the entire list to find that dependency and load it first. If you deselect a mod, it goes back in the unselected pile, which always remains sorter in order that you added them! Basic functionality is missing here. You can't even hit the down arrow to view the next more, you have to use the most each time and look away from the description screen!

Also you can't select multiple mods to move them as a group in the load order. Then you have to consider the load order of every mod relative to each other mod. Looks like I'm in for about 90 hours of mod sorting before I play this game again!

Morkonan View Profile View Posts. Maybe people are waiting for 1. Duol View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Duol :.

Oreno View Profile View Posts. Last edited by Oreno ; 31 Mar, pm. Stick with mods from the same author and cooperating authors.Skip to content. Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Code Revisions 1.

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rimworld mod load order tool

Learn more about clone URLs. Download ZIP. Rimworld output log published using HugsLib. Lovecraft Storyteller [Double Pop] V1. Robots: AIRobot 1. Training: TrainingFacility 1. UnloadTime: 1. Exception: method was already detoured to Hospitality. CompatibleDetourWithExceptions System. MethodInfo source, System. DetourMethodByAttribute System. MemberInfo info, System.

ThrowClearerDetourException System. Exception e, System. MemberInfo sourceInfo, System. MemberInfo targetInfo, System. InterfaceDrop ModContentPack. Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub.

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Log uploaded on Tuesday, May 02,AM. Core: no assemblies.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. RimWorld Store Page. Global Achievements. Features Checks for the same nameDef defined in 2 or more mods Lists all core game default nameDef's overwritten by mods Finds any DLL existing in 2 or more mods Identifies possibly corrupt or incomplete mods partially implemented Checks versions of all mods against the RimWorld version Lists mods load order also showing disabled mods See the ludeon forum thread for much more info.

Last edited by biship ; 2 Sep, am. Showing 1 - 12 of 12 comments. Updated - folder picker logic added. Looking for feedback. A bunch of fixes and additional checks made.

Thanks for this! Very good program, thx for it! I just find some modwhat caused me a sec "lag" every sec thx again keep up the good work! That was easy to use and informative, a pleasant experience all around. My modlist for Rimworld is by no means large, but it's nice to know there are no problems. Plus, using a mod checking tool gave me Skyrim nostalgia, rarely a bad thing :P.

Updated with some optimizations and bug fixes. Please keep in mind some reading of the output file RCC. It will tell you which mods change the same items - but it's up to YOU to disable any conflicting mod if you want. I also find it a great way to find mods that alter more things than they say they do. Is there any way this tool can sort mods for best gameplay? Last edited by gamerqueen27 ; 14 Apr, pm. Do0m[y] View Profile View Posts. Hello Biship, Thank you very much for your tool, but it would be way more useful if you can make a better readme.

For example, I have conflicts with a DLL because it's the same DLL used by different mods and of course located in different mod folders. What are we supposed to do with this kind of information, please? Should we delete duplicates and which one should we keep?

Or we must do something else? I have absolutely no idea. This is so confusing, I don't know what to do.As the pool of mods gets bigger and the game's development stabilises, compatibility between mods becomes more and more important. Prior to Alpha 17, compatibility was often an afterthought, or technically unfeasible. Since then, with the advent of tools like xpath-based PatchOperations and Harmonythere is no technical excuse for mod conflicts. With these two tools, all mods can co-exist and alter anything in their respective domain without interfering with the operation of other mods.

All that is required is at least one, but preferably two modders willing to cooperate. Two or more mods can alter the same thing. If both adhere to best practices, this can happen with minimal or no issues. The most common cause of XML mod conflicts is overwriting abstract basesoverwriting Defs wholesale and destructive prefixes. Note that while two mods can both change the same thing, we can't really speak of a conflict until unintended or undesired behaviour arises.

Modders should keep in mind that there are more mods than just theirs and Core.

The Best Rimworld Mods

Users run with dozens, if not hundreds of mods. Always try to limit your scope so your alterations apply to those things you intend to change. When adding something like a stackLimit to Thoughts, or comps to ThingsWithCompskeep in mind you're likely not the first. Here are a few examples of a defensive xpath:. If one mod wants to make Muffalos green and another wants to make them red, one of them is going to win.

The general understanding of mod load order is that "mods on the bottom win and overwrite mods on top". As with most things, the truth is a bit more fine-grained. It's true that if "Core, Mod 1, Mod 2, Mod 3" is the load order, and it's true that the last mod "wins" in the load order wins, but the actual load order is a bit different.

Core doesn't use xpath or load any Cso they're not in that list. The C for RimWorld is already loaded by that point, roughly speaking. So if Mod 3 overwrites something in XML, but Mod 2 overwrites it in xpath and Mod 1 overwrites it in Cit's Mod 1 that wins -- even though Mod 3 and Mod 2 come after it in the load order. There are a few things that matter with load order: - Does the mod require a different mod?

If you are missing a dependency, you'll notice: You get a nice red error saying something like Could not find type named TurretExtensions. From RimWorld Wiki.

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